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SiSoftware Sandra Personal

SiSoftware Sandra Personal

  • Easy "de facto" standard benchmarks for measuring performance.
  • Improve understanding of what is inside your computer.
  • Compare your system with reference systems and results.
  • Check software configuration and settings and much more.
  • Designed especially for Home Users.
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Sandra Professional Business

SiSoftware Sandra Professional  Business

  • Easy "de facto" standard benchmarks for measuring performance.
  • Analyse your network computers.
  • Support for machines part of a Domain.
  • Support for Virualisation
  • Batch execution of modules.
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Sandra Engineer Tech Support (Engineer)

SiSoftware Sandra Tech Support (Engineer)

  • Includes all the features of the Business Professional version as well as.
  • USB/CD version does not require install, save time, saves install
  • Allows commercial exploitation/ usage.
  • Licenced per technician for simplification.
  • Reduces total cost of ownership due to each technician being licensed (no need to buy licences for each machine).
  • Ability to run directly from CD or USB without installation. (Portable Version only)
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Sandra Enterprise

SiSoftware Sandra Enterprise

  • Includes Tech Support Plus on USB as a handy portable tool at no extra cost.(Worth $399.99)
  • Remotely runs diagnostics on your network machines and returns the results to your console.
  • Uses domain authentication to push installation to remote machines.
  • Supports machines you can't physically see.
  • From only $14 per client machine.
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Diagnostic Disks Optical Benchmark Media
  • Choice of CD, DVD or Blu-Ray test media..
  • Available from $19.99 (+$4.99 shipping).
  • SiSoftware Sandra Test CD & DVD is is included free purchases of Sandra Tech Support Plus and Sandra Enterprise.
  • Works with Sandra Professional 2014 Home, Sandra Professional 2014 Business, Sandra 2014 Engineer,Sandra 2014 Engineer Portable, Sandra 2014 Enterprise.
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